Mexican pharmacy – Mexican drug store Reviews 2021

Are you looking to buy medicines online without a prescription but unable to find any trusted online Mexican pharmacy on the internet?

In this article I am going to list a few Mexican online pharmacies from there you can buy your medicines without any issue at a cheap price.

What is an online Pharmacy?

Online pharmacies are internet-based pharmacies that sell prescription drugs is using a vape side or online through email or Whatsapp.

Online pharmacies are cheaper than local drug stores because they control all their clients from one location worldwide, they do not have to pay the rent of the physical shop.

There are many Mexican  drug stores on the internet dad claims to be Mexican based  but are not.

In these days of online shopping, Many pharmacies are not reliable and trusted and you should not buy your medications from them so, for your safety here are some reviews of a few Mexican Pharmacy below:


The first Mexican drug store is Online Pharmacy Sells. this online Mexican Pharmacy is delivering prescription medications for three years now. 

They have fast customer support and cheap prices on their different products with discounts.  But, due to covid-19, this Pharmacy is having some delay in their shipping.

One year back before this pandemic this policy was delivering medications to their clients within 5 business days but now it’s usually takes around 15 business days to deliver overseas.

Some of their products are in stock in the USA and if you want US to US domestic shipping then they can deliver your products within 5 days.

If you are looking to save your money on prescription drugs then you can visit the site and place your order there. 

This Mexican drug store has the following key points:

  • Fast customer support
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Best quality drugs
  • Secure payment methods with PayPal and credit card
  • Discounts on bitcoin and Western Union payment


This Mexican Pharmacy is the best online drugstore in my opinion.  they have a wide range of quality prescription drugs at affordable prices. 

You can visit this site by clicking the button below and place your order there.

This drug store has high quality branded drugs in blister packs that deliver from Europe world wide. 

now you are wondering I’m talking about Mexican Pharmacy reviews but also saying that they deliver from Europe yes, they have branded products stock in  Europe but their main head office is in Mexico.

3. BuyModa.Club

Not every online pharmacy is same these days many online pharmacies scam people through different tactic and methods.  

But Americans and Mexicans still need prescription drugs online because they are cheap and require no prescription.

The third online Mexican drugstore is, This Mexican Pharmacy has a high-quality stock of modafinil or Modalert 200 mg pills.  they have other products as well  like 

and many other anxiety products or benzodiazepines.


TopMedsPharma Shipping Policy:

Shipping of Modafinil, Armodafinil, and other products depends on the country. Following are shipping details that give you an idea of our shipments:

  • The US to US (4-7 Business Days)
  • India to Worldwide (10-14 Business Days)
  • Europe to Worldwide (10-14 Business Days)
  • Europe to Europe (7-10 Business Days)

Top meds Pharma is a leading online Mexican Pharmacy on the internet right now that is selling a wide range of anxiety medications and painkillers.

They have a variety of shipping methods and payment methods on their website.  You can order any medication you want from this Mexican drug store without any prescription.

I personally purchased a few products from this website and they delivered me within 5 days of domestic shipping.  and I myself am a regular client to this Pharmacy.

You can also buy drugs online without a prescription from this website easily. This Mexican Pharmacy also accepts payments from PayPal and credit card and ensures the security of its clients.

5. BuyLegalWeedOnline.Buzz

Last but not least, actually this is not that type of online pharmacy but they sell prescription drugs along with medical marijuana and weed. 

This is a plus point for you if you do not want to buy any prescription drug then still you can buy weed online from this website in Mexico. They have a wide range of medical marijuana products and prescription drugs with 20% discount on every product.

One thing for this website is that they only accept Bitcoin payment because they think that Bitcoin processes faster than other payment methods and the client gets the product within time.

 I thought about it that why not give it a try so I ordered some weed in a small quantity and paid using Bitcoin plus I was afraid that this is a scamming website but it was not, I got my parcel within 12 days.

The delivery was late due to the pandemic situation in the world.

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